Public deliverables


D1.1 - Report on thermodynamics and kinetics of selected reactions (EPPT)

D1.4 - Report on chemical behaviour of natural phosphate during calcination (CNRS)

D2.5 - Report on reactor models (DLR)

D6.3 - An open-source life cycle assessment model of the solar system and standard technology (UMAN)


D1.2 - Final selection criteria based on combined thermal, kinetic and construction issues for the solar reactor (EPPT)

D1.3 - Report on selected technology for high temperature storage of particles and their conveying (DLR)

D2.1 - Report on lab-scale solar reactors innovative designs and chosen designs (CNRS)

D2.2 - Lab-scale solar reactors (CNRS)

D2.3 - Report on experimental results obtained with the lab-scale solar reactors (CNRS)

D2.4 - Report on critical analysis of solar reactor design suitable for scaling-up (CEMEX))

D3.1 - Report on high temperature thermal storage design and related construction materials (DLR)

D3.2 - Report on high temperature particle handling system and mass flow control design (CEMEX)

D3.3 - Report on high temperature thermal storage experimental work and performance analysis (DLR)

D3.4 - Report on high temperature particle handling experimental work and performance analysis (DLR)

D4.1 - Report on the predesign of solar reactor, storage and particle handling system for pilot unit (DLR)

D4.2 - Report on the detailed design of pilot solar unit including solar reactor, storage bin and instrumentation (COMESSA)

D4.3 - Report on the construction of the solar unit subsystems (COMESSA)

D5.1 - Report on first onsun experiments of the solar reactor (CNRS)

D6.1 - Report on environmental impacts of the solar system (UMAN)

D6.2 - Report on the evaluation of the environmental footprint changes due to the solar system relative to the standard system (UMAN)

D7.2 - Economic analysis of the upscale solar process for the cement production (CEMEX)

D7.3 - Report on potential for scale-up and on safety issues (ABENGOA)


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