SOLPART first periodic report – 18 months review

15 mars 2018 |

The SOLPART project reached the strategic 18 months review. We published a report that summarizes the status of the project after 18 months. This has been reviewed and validated by the European Commission. You can read the full article here : Expected potential impact of the SOLPART project: The project will achieve the development of…

SOLPART Fifth project meeting

12 janvier 2018 |

The SOLPART project held its fifth project meeting on the 13th of December in Sevilla, at the Abengoa headquarters. This was the occasion to discuss about the 18 months project review and discuss about potential changes in the workplan. Do not forget to follow us and join our LinkedIn group:

SOLPART project general presentation

4 décembre 2017 |

As part of the dissemination material pack, the SOLPART project is publishing a general project presentation featuring : The project data and partner list The SOLPART objectives and advantages of the project The project work plan The expected outcomes and impacts Partners can use selected parts of these to create their own project presentations for…


5 novembre 2017 |

The SOLPART project was presented at SolarPACES 2017 in Chile, October 2017. As one of its core activities to support technical progress and awareness building in this area, the SolarPACES conference, initiated in 1980, is the foremost symposium for the who’s who in concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems, offering a forum for research,…

Presentation of SOLPART at the EU process industry conference

2 octobre 2017 |

On the 19th of September 2017, the EU process industry conference was hold in Brussels. The first day of SPIRE’s 2017 EU Process Industry Conference on 19 September took a look to the Future of European Process Industry from a range of perspectives: the European Commission, the Industry itself, and SPIRE cPPP. In the afternoon, short success stories…

Article: Concentrated Solar Power for High-Temperature Solar Process Heat

29 septembre 2017 |

The SOLPART project was presented in HelioCSP, the solar thermal energy news website: Cement is the most widely used building material in the world. One of its key ingredients is calcium oxide (CaO), also called quicklime, which can be produced by calcination from naturally occurring limestone (CaCO3). Calcination is an energy-intensive, around-the-clock decomposition process at…

Article: SOLPART project featured on

28 septembre 2017 |

The SOLPART project was featured in the webjournal Solar Thermal World . is a new and global knowledge-based web portal for solar thermal professionals. It offers the latest news and background information on the development of the international solar thermal sector. Key areas include among others: news and trends, incentive programmes, policies, technological trends…

SOLPART at SolarPACES 2017 – Chile 2017

20 juillet 2017 |

The Solpart project will present 4 papers at the SolarPACES conference in Chile this year ( The SolarPACES conference is the annual international conference on Concentrated Solar Power and Chemical Energy systems. The 4 papers to be presented are the ones below: – Solar processing of reactive particles up to 900°C, the SOLPART project –…

SOLPART fourth project meeting

27 juin 2017 |

SOLPART organized its 4th project meeting in Cologne, at the DLR institute on the 20th of June, 2017 to discuss about the advancement of the project since January 2016. The project is reaching its first periodic report to hand back to the EC and will undergo a review of the achievement of the project in…

SOLPART presentation at the Climate Change Conference – Malta

7 juin 2017 |

On the 29th of May, 2017, the SOLPART project was presented at the Climate Change conference organized in the capital of Malta under the auspices of the MALTA EU presidency. Access the presentation here : SOLPART Flash presentation – Malta conference More info on the conference :