November edition – H2020 CSP projects newsletter

28 novembre 2018 |

The forth issue of the “H2020 Projects Bulletin on Concentrated Solar Power” newsletter has been published. The joint Newsletter was launched in May 2017 by a joint initiative of H2020 CSP projects. The clustering has included new projects and this issue includes news on H2020 CSP projects from CAPTure, Hycool, INSHIP, MOSAIC, MUSTEC, Next-CSP, ORC-PLUS,…

Article: The energy of change : the solarization of industrial processes

22 août 2018 |

An article related to the SOLPART project was published in the magazine “The energy of change”. The objective of the Solpart Project is to solarize industrial processes that have a high energy consumption and to reduce the impact associated to their life cycle. It presents the challenge of demonstrating a suitable pilot-scale solar reactor for…

SOLPART project meeting and visit of the cold mock up of the pilot fluidized bed solar calciner

3 juillet 2018 |

On the 26th of June 2018, the SOLPART project organized its 30th month project meeting in Strasbourg France. This was the occasion to make a deep review of the work achieved so far and prepare for the EC review. In the meantime, the project partners visited the cold mock up of the pilot fluidized bed solar…

SOLPART presentation at the SET-PLAN workshop “Making EU industry less energy intensive and more competitive”

28 juin 2018 |

A workshop in the context of the SET Plan Action 6 WG on Energy Efficiency in Industry has been scheduled for June 27-28th, 2018 in Brussels. The SOLPART project was presented during this workshop. You can find the presentation here SOLPART SET Bruxelles28062018 The Implementation Plan of the SET Plan Action 6 on “Continuing efforts to make EU industry less…

Participation to the SPIRE questionnaire and SPIRE cPPP PROGRESS MONITORING REPORT

30 mai 2018 |

According to the contractual agreement between the European Commission and A.SPIRE, the Commission will regularly monitor progress towards achieving the objectives of the SPIRE Public-Private Partnership (PPP). In particular, this monitoring will be done on the basis of evidence provided by A.SPIRE and SPIRE PROJECTS. This survey will have to be completed as an annual exercise. Since…

SOLPART Project meeting in Alicante, SPAIN

23 mai 2018 |

The SOLPART partners met in Alicante on the 16th of May 2018 to deal with the WP7 activities: Plant integration, scaling up, economic and risk assessment of the solar process. The aim of the meeting was: – Detailed presentation of a typical cement plant, components and flow sheet. – Visit of the plant – Discussion on…

SOLPART first periodic report – 18 months review

15 mars 2018 |

The SOLPART project reached the strategic 18 months review. We published a report that summarizes the status of the project after 18 months. This has been reviewed and validated by the European Commission. You can read the full article here : Expected potential impact of the SOLPART project: The project will achieve the development of…

SOLPART Fifth project meeting

12 janvier 2018 |

The SOLPART project held its fifth project meeting on the 13th of December in Sevilla, at the Abengoa headquarters. This was the occasion to discuss about the 18 months project review and discuss about potential changes in the workplan. Do not forget to follow us and join our LinkedIn group:

SOLPART project general presentation

4 décembre 2017 |

As part of the dissemination material pack, the SOLPART project is publishing a general project presentation featuring : The project data and partner list The SOLPART objectives and advantages of the project The project work plan The expected outcomes and impacts Partners can use selected parts of these to create their own project presentations for…


5 novembre 2017 |

The SOLPART project was presented at SolarPACES 2017 in Chile, October 2017. As one of its core activities to support technical progress and awareness building in this area, the SolarPACES conference, initiated in 1980, is the foremost symposium for the who’s who in concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems, offering a forum for research,…