The SOLPART project is highlighted in the last SPIRE Newsletter

25 septembre 2019 |

The SOLPART project has been featured in the last SPIRE Newsletter, which presents H2020 projects funded as part of the SPIRE EU programme. SOLPART, as a H2020 project aiming at decarbonizing process industries, has been logically added to the list of SPIRE supported projects.Get access to the SPIRE last newsletter by subscribing here: Don’t forget…

SPIRE results of their annual progress monitoring in which SOLPART participates each year

13 août 2019 |

In April 2019, SOLPART has participated to the annual progress monitoring aiming at gathering the last annual figures regarding H2020 SPIRE projects. On an annual basis, SPIRE highlights the growth of the cPPP achieved until the end of the previous year, in its SPIRE Progress Monitoring Report (PMR). The new edition for 2019 is now…

Scientific publications: PROCEEDINGS SolarPACES 2018 for the SOLPART project

7 août 2019 |

Discover the scientific publications AIP Conference Proceedings produced after the SolarPACES Congress 2018.

Scientific Publication: CO2 emission reduction in the cement industry by using a solar calciner

17 juillet 2019 |

A scientific publication about SOLPART by DLR was published on 10 July 2019 in the international journal “Renewable Energy”.

Comparative life cycle assessment of conventional and solar-driven calcination systems for cement production

12 juillet 2019 |

The environmental impacts of the solar-driven (SOLPART) calcination process have been compared with the conventional calcination process via life cycle assessment. The results estimated by the University of Manchester show that, compared to the conventional process, the SOLPART calcination system has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 40% and the fossil energy…

SOLPART timeline

4 juillet 2019 |

Discover the timeline of the SOLPART project which highlights the numerous achievements of the project! Did you know that if we integrate a CSP Solar Heating reactor into Process Industries, we could save at least 60% of CO2 emissions? 🌞🏭

Successful commissioning of the SOLPART pilot-scale calcination solar reactor

20 juin 2019 |

The SOLPART pilot-scale calcination solar reactor was successfully commissioned by CNRS at the 1 MW solar furnace: the outlet particle temperature above 800°C was achieved for a mass flow rate of about 30 kg/h.

SOLPART 7th project meeting

27 mai 2019 |

SOLPART consortium gathered in Font-Romeu, at the CNRS solar furnace on May 23 and 24, 2019. During this meeting, partners have presented the work they have carried out so far and discussed with all the consortium the next actions to be implemented before the end of the project. This was the opportunity to visit the…

April edition – H2020 CSP projects newsletter

26 avril 2019 |

The fifth issue of the “H2020 Projects Bulletin on Concentrated Solar Power” newsletter has been published. The joint Newsletter was launched in May 2017 by a joint initiative of H2020 CSP projects. The clustering has included new projects and this issue includes news on H2020 CSP projects from CAPTure, Hycool, INSHIP, MinWaterCSP, MOSAIC, MUSTEC, Next-CSP,…

Article: Solar Energy Isn’t Just for Electricity

19 avril 2019 |

It can also provide carbon-free heat for a wide variety of industrial processes. The industrial processes that underpin our global economy—manufacturing, fuel and chemical production, mining—are enormously complex and diverse. But they share one key input: they, as well as many others, require heat, and lots of it, which takes staggering amounts of fuel to…