End of the SOLPART project

End of the SOLPART project

After 4 years of collaborative research, the H2020 CSP SOLPART project came to an end in December 2019. All the deliverables have now been submitted. Let’s have a look at all the useful information you can find about the project!


You can download the 4 public deliverables (full reports) as well as summaries of 19 confidential deliverables from the website in the “Deliverables section”.

Communication and Dissemination

In the “Dissemination section” of the website, you can find all the relevant communication material about the project towards a broader audience, not only the scientific communication but also stakeholders and green energy enthusiasts, such as the project’s final brochure, partners’ interviews in videos and all the events we organised or took part in.

Project’s results and CSP

If you want to find out more about SOLPART’s results but also the challenges of Solar Concentrating Technologies (CST), solar calcination and particle processing, you can check the presentations of the project’s final Info Day (28 November 2019).


Interested in the SOLPART technology for future research and development projects? Don’t hesitate to contact Gilles Flamant, the project’s coordinator at CNRS-PROMES.