Dissemination: SOLPART final brochure

Dissemination: SOLPART final brochure

After 4 years of collaborative research between 10 partners from 7 countries, SOLPART came to an end in December 2019. On this occasion, the SOLPART team published the final brochure on the project.

In this 12-page publication, you can find all the key information about the project, such as:

  • a foreword by Gilles Flamant, SOLPART coordinator at CNRS-PROMES,
  • an introduction to Concentrated Solar Power applied to industrial processes,
  • the objectives and uniqueness of the project,
  • the main results,
  • the timeline of the project with key milestones,
  • environmental and scientific impacts,
  • the perspectives ahead.

In other words, all you wanted to know about SOLPART! You can download the brochure here.

More information? You can also download SOLPART press pack, that was released for the project’s final Info Day.