SOLPART Final Info Day: presentations and content

SOLPART Final Info Day: presentations and content

SOLPART final Info Day took place on 28 and 29 November 2019 in Toulouse and Font-Romeu, France. This two-day event was organised according to two different activities to present the whole spectrum of this four-year Horizon 2020 project:

  • on Thursday 28 November 2019: Conference sessions on CSP and SOLPART (Toulouse, ENSACIET, France)
  • on Friday 29 November 2019: Site visits of SOLPART Solar Facilities (CNRS-PROMES, Font-Romeu-Odeillo, France).

You can download the full programme here.

28 November: conference sessions in Toulouse

The conference sessions on 28 November 2019 were hosted by ENSIACET, Toulouse, a prestigious French Graduate School of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Engineering. The morning session was dedicated to an introduction on CST technologies for a wider public, while the afternoon conference aimed to present the challenges, results and achievements of the SOLPART project. Over 50 people attended the event.

You can download the presentations of the conference sessions just below.

Morning session: Solar Concentrating Technologies and Particle Processing

  • Introduction to solar concentrating technologies and applications – CNRS > Download
  • Solar reactors for particle processing:
  • Particle properties and their impact on developing solar particle processing – EPPT > Download
  • Options for particle solar receiver-reactors – CNRS > Download
  • The solar-heated rotary kiln – DLR > Download and download
  • The solar-heated fluidized bed – CNRS > Download

Afternoon session: Challenges in Solar Calcination, the SOLPART H2020 European Project

  • Solar heat in industry – CNRS > Download
  • Lime, dolomitic lime and phosphates – EPPT > Download
  • Solar receiver-reactors, options for solar calcination – DLR & CNRS > Download
  • Solar CaO or MgO, from pilot to commercial processes – EPPT & NLD > Download
  • What are the environmental benefits of solar calcination processes? – UMAN > Download
  • Design of a high temperature industrial pilot plant, method and materials issues – COMESSA > Download
  • Scaling up the solar calcination process at industrial scales – ABENGOA > Download
  • Conclusion of the day

29 November: site visits in Font-Romeu

On the 2nd day of the final event, CNRS-PROMES (SOLPAT coordinator) organised side visits on two solar facilities widely used during the project:

  • The THEMIS Solar Power Tower
  • The CNRS Solar Furnace.