Participation to the SPIRE questionnaire and SPIRE cPPP PROGRESS MONITORING REPORT

Participation to the SPIRE questionnaire and SPIRE cPPP PROGRESS MONITORING REPORT

According to the contractual agreement between the European Commission and A.SPIRE, the Commission will regularly monitor progress towards achieving the objectives of the SPIRE Public-Private Partnership (PPP). In particular, this monitoring will be done on the basis of evidence provided by A.SPIRE and SPIRE PROJECTS. This survey will have to be completed as an annual exercise. Since SOLPART is a project being of the SPIRE PPP, we have participated and filled in a questionnaire.

The Questionnaire is addressed to all projects funded under SPIRE calls and under SPIRE related calls (like Waste, CIRC, et al.). All of them are considered SPIRE projects.

SPIRE cPPP Progress Monitoring Report is focused on impact at innovation, business, environmental and socio-economic project level, in accordance with the progress towards project-specific KPIs that you will report in your individual progress report. This year, the European Commission has established common indicators (KPIs) for all the cPPPs and a joint methodology. The questionnaire has been modified accordingly.

The identification of the Success Stories of SPIRE projects is also a relevant focus of this report. We believe each project has a success story and we want to make sure we know it well so we can showcase them properly in the way towards FP9.

This survey should provide an integrated response on behalf of all the partners of the project. Therefore, we encourage the coordinators to gather input for this survey from the partners of the project that are responsible for the respective working packages and from the companies.

The survey is divided in five parts. Each part can be filled out by the coordinator or by a project partner considering the specific input required:
 PART A: Project Fundamentals
 PART B: Innovation outcomes – Business impact
 PART C: Environmental impact
 PART D: Socio-economic impact
 PART E: Success Stories

The conclusions for the year 2017 will be made public by the SPIRE platform and published on this website. In the meantime, you can find the report regarding the evaluation of  the year 2016:

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