Université Cadi Ayyad (Marocco)

Cadi Ayyad University is a university in Marrakesh (http://www.ucam.ac.ma), the major of the Moroccan universities. Cadi Ayyad University was established in 1978 and operates 13 institutions in Marrakesh region including four main cities.

There are currently more than 85,000 students enrolled at the university, and the president has revealed plans to expand in the near future.

The courses are assigned as on the more than 120 university course supervised by about 1132 professors and 774 administrative staffs.

On the scientific research and cooperation activities, Cadi Ayyad university houses 54 laboratories with 59 research teams, 5 research centers; 4 centers of doctoral studies, and more than 150 cooperation conventions.

The Cadi Ayyad university is recognized around the world for its quality and innovation in research. From the beginning, the main objective of its creation was the contribution to socio-economical development of the region via the promotion of research topics that contributes to sustainable development.

The university is considered as a leader in the topics of Energy, water and waste research in Morocco. Recently the university shelters also a National center of research on Energy (CNEREE) which constitutes a scientific platform for the applied research and transfer of the knowhow to the socio-professional sector.

The objectives of the research laboratories on energy as regards research/development are articulated around the programs and priorities established by the Moroccan State as regards energy resources integrated Management and Renewable Energies.

Cadi Ayyad university follows developments very closely through the implication in all principal solar energy installations in Morocco both at Ouarzazate in south or at Benguerir at about 70 km away from Marrakesh.