New Lime Development(Belgium)

New Lime Development (NLD) was founded in 2010 as a specific research and development company. Together with Forlime (created in 1997), they are majority owned and directed by Philippe Dumont, a minerals’ expert. Whereas Forlime is a production company, NLD has steadily developed its activities in the minerals’ consultancy business.

NLD is an independent SME consulting practice, with an equity of nearly 20000 €.

Within its minerals’ portfolio, and mostly as a result of the past expertise of Mr. Dumont, specialist technical expertise is concentrated on clinker/cement, lime/limestone, dolomite, gypsum and plaster, pozzolanic additives, sand-lime bricks, sepiolite, attapulgite and others.

Forlime (initially) and NLD (since 2010) continue R&D activities for European and non-European companies. NLD provides technical services to minerals’ processing companies in the selected sectors of quarry development, calcination, building materials, environmental applications, and others. Interventions have mostly focused upon the design and operation of lime and cement plants, clay and phosphate upgrading, gypsum, and dolomite.