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SOLPART first periodic report – 18 months review

SOLPART first periodic report – 18 months review

The SOLPART project reached the strategic 18 months review. We published a report that summarizes the status of the project after 18 months. This has been reviewed and validated by the European Commission. You can read the full article here :

Expected potential impact of the SOLPART project:

The project will achieve the development of a technology that produces 7.5 more lime than the state-of-the-art. The final TRL will be TRL 5 with the testing of a large-scale prototype unit including a solar reactor and a high temperature storage system. This unit, producing 30 kg/h lime, will enable to assess the issues link to the operation 24h/day during several days of such a solar thermochemical prototype.
Potential impact are related to CO2 emission, increase of solar heat share in industry and employment,
– Reduction of CO2 emission: potential of 1.6 billion ton CO2 per year, worldwide for cement industry
– Increase of solar heat share in industry: about 1 MWh/tonne CaO high temperature solar heat
– The cement industry provides about 61 000 direct jobs (and 245 000 to 365 000 indirect jobs, estimated) in Europe with a value of € 18 bn. For the European lime industry, the turnover is about € 2.5 billion, and numbers employed are estimated at 11 000.

We are now at the 30 months review. We will keep you up to date with the report. In the meantime, do no forget to follow us on our LinkedIN group :

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