Work packages and Expected Results

WP1. Assessment of technologies for solar particle processing and storage at high temperature (HT)

 Options for solid-gas reaction and solar reactors with respect to industrial constraints
 Indicators for selection of the suitable solar reactor
 Specifications for HT storage of particles

WP2. Lab scale development and testing of 800-1000°C solar reactors

 Performances measurement of new concepts (e.g. temperature, durability, integratability)
 Identification of technological issues
 Choice of a solar reactor design to be scaled up to pilot level

WP3. Development of HT storage and handling technologies for reactive particles

 Particle transport and storage design
 Construction and first testing of systems
 Safety check and definition of detailed usage rules

WP4. Design, construction and implementation of the pilot scale solar unit

 Detailed design, construction and assembly of system
 Cold testing of the complete loop including solar reactor, transport and storage

WP5. Testing and performance evaluation of the pilot solar unit

 Demonstration of 800-1000°C on-sun operation of the solar reactors
 Demonstration of the storage capacity
 Several days (5) of continuous operation
 Gas and solid products analysis

WP6. Environmental life cycle assessment of the solar process and comparison to the standard technology

 Detailed calculation of the emission reduction
 Calculation of the environmental footprint change of the final product due to the solar process (with and without flue gas capture option)

WP7. Plant integration, scaling up, economic and risk assessment of the solar process

 Full process flow sheet
 Design studies
 Process sizing
 Business case (incl. CAPEX and OPEX costs)
 Evaluate the risks and measures to mitigate them

WP8. Communication, dissemination and exploitation

 Exploitation plan
 Communication and dissemination strategy

WP9. Management

 Project objectives achievement