SOLPART at SolarPACES 2017 – Chile 2017

The Solpart project will present 4 papers at the SolarPACES conference in Chile this year ( The SolarPACES conference is the annual international conference on Concentrated Solar Power and Chemical Energy systems.
The 4 papers to be presented are the ones below:
– Solar processing of reactive particles up to 900°C, the SOLPART project
– Solar Thermal Treatment of Phosphate Ore, A Key Target of the SOLPART EU Project
– Experimental and numerical analysis of a solar rotary kiln for continuous treatment of reactive particles
– Solar-heated tubular receiver and reactor: versatile concept for particulate calcination and high efficiency thermodynamic cycles

Looking forward to meeting you there!

SOLPART fourth project meeting

SOLPART organized its 4th project meeting in Cologne, at the DLR institute on the 20th of June, 2017 to discuss about the advancement of the project since January 2016. The project is reaching its first periodic report to hand back to the EC and will undergo a review of the achievement of the project in September 2017. More info on the latest achievement of the project to come soon.

On the 21st of June, the project organised an exploitation seminar in order to better map the key exploitable results of the project and plan appropriately the future ways of maximising the project impact. More info on the key exploitable results to come soon.

SOLPART presentation at the EU climate change conference under the auspices of the Malta EU presidency

On the 29th of May 2017, in the capital of Malta, will be held an important event on climate change and organized under the aupisces of the Malta EU presidency:

While the goal to contain global warming and reduce considerably the emissions of greenhouse gases becomes more and more important, energy intensive industries needing thermal heat to process their chemical reactions (like the cement or lime sector) are still big energy consumers and CO2 emitters (the 2nd biggest sector in the world). This becomes crucial to find alternative ways to produce this thermal heat other than with fossil fuels.

As part of this objective, the SOLPART project has been funded by the EU H2020 research programme to demonstrate the use of a solar heated reactor working at 900°C 24h/day and suitable for the thermal treatment of reactive particule in non-metallic mineral industries. Highly relevant for the thematic of the conference, the project will then participate to the Malta EU presidency to make a flash presentation of the objectives and expected impacts of such a project dealing with the integration of solar energy into high-temperature industrial processes.

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